I used to like hockey, but now I like kittens.



Chris Pine leaving Skylight Books on Sunday (Jul 28, 2013) in Los Angeles.

if new age suburban yoga mom is chris pine’s chosen summer aesthetic then i am so on board with that it’s painful

I’m so confused.

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Oh god I’m so crabby I can’t even sleep

How is that even a thing

And also help because shopping is my coping mechanism and my brain is all “well, if we’re already in debt, let’s just do it up right and get further in debt by getting that bag you’ve wanted all year!”

Also I am not really crabby about cat haters. I am crabby about people posting beach pictures on Facebook where they are hugging their boyfriends and the light is golden and they look relaxed and happy and loved. And I’m crabby about it because not only am I boyfriendless, but I can’t even pay off my credit card bill this month so I definitely can’t afford to go to the beach and it’s been so long since I’ve been there and it’s gut punching me in the feels how much I need a vacation and want to feel romantic interest in someone right now.

Another thing that annoys me:

People who say, “oh, I don’t like cats. But this one cat I liked, he would come up to you when you got home and follow you around JUST LIKE A DOG! He thought he was a dog!”

THAT CAT THINKS IT IS A CAT. That is just the kind of cat you like! There are millions of them that act that way! Stop acting like all cool cats are only cool because they resemble the kind of dog you like! Just acknowledge that you like cats when they are social!


I feel like the most accurate representation of my feelings toward and experience of men right now was that at the Beyoncé concert tonight, the only dude in the area was sitting next to me. He sat down for all the Beyoncé parts and stood up and literally shouted EVERY WORD of every Jay-Z rap and continually bumped into me while emphasizing every damn word. He shouted EAT THE CAKE, ANNA MAE not at me, but so close to me it felt like it was. I started to dread every Jay-Z part and actively hate him for bringing this barbarian to my Beyoncé concert. His actions, his volume, and his physical space made me more aware of him than anything else, and I’m beyond sick of obliviously aggressive men sucking all the air out of my immediate area.





Beyoncé X10: Flawless 1080p

goddamn goddamn

I watched this expecting to be all boppy and happy. And instead I teared up because it was weirdly moving to see a huge huge crowd of women (and some dudes) dancing and passionately declaring they were flawless.

I just saw this tonight and it was EVERYTHING.


I just got that tattoo hours ago and already I want my second? I see how this gets addictive!

I finally got my tattoo and my two best friends got matching versions and the world is just full of love and surprises isn’t it?

I broke the news to some 27 year olds today that 28 is the year your body starts to fall apart, and that 29 is the age you start getting uglier in ways you can’t identify but you know to be true. They didn’t believe me, but ~they will~ because THEIR TIME WILL COME BWA HA HA HA


Why doesn’t she have her own show yet?

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One cup of coffee gets me through the morning, two cups of coffee has me watching 70s Soul Train videos on YouTube in bed in the dark an hour after I tried to go to bed. On the plus side, I have a lot of new fashion gods.

It seems that when you want to make a woman into a hero, you hurt her first. When you want to make a man into a hero, you hurt… also a woman first.

Leigh Alexander absolutely hits it out of the park (via bedabug)

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I should preface this by saying I don’t have cable

And my laziness has reached the level that I would rather watch the Croatia-Cameroon game in Spanish, a language I barely understand, on Univision on the tv in my living room rather than moving to my office, which has a computer in it where I can log on to ESPN.